Miko1Together with the Department of Forest Protection, established in 1960, the micology and entomological laboratory was set up which have been modernised and developed over the last 50 years. Since 2004 it has been operating in Mátrafüred Experiment Station as the Department of Forest Protection (previously disassembled) was centered on there. At the same time the laboratory was renovated which has been ensuring the proper technical background to forest protection research. The basic tasks of the Department of Forest Protection includes the identification and definition of factors triggering diseases of forest trees and bushes, occasionally curing the plants. The samples collected on fields are analysed in the micology laboratory where the pathogens are also identified. The equipment of the laboratory is suitable for the cultivation of pathogens from different parts of sick plants; moreover, it allows the precise definition of various pathogens and their comparative analysis. As the result of researches of the past years, the expanding stock cultures enables the later analysis and research of pathogens.


Across the world, including Europe and Hungary, the number of alien invasive pathogens and pests increases vastly which is also confirmed by the results of national forest protection researches. The researchers of the Department identified several new, major forestry-related pests and pathogens, previously unknown in our country, to which the pathological and entomological laboratory directly contributed. Their work is supported by extensive international relations, additionally promoting the active cooperation in several international research programs.