Ultet1The main scope of activity of our Department is to carry out experiments in order to improve growing procedures of fast growing stand-forming tree species (black locust, hybrid and native poplars, red oak, common walnut) that can be grown as plantations. This research comprises the development of vegetative propagation of plantation-grown deciduous trees (with special regard to the application of biotechnology) and the improvement of forestation technologies (artificial forest regeneration, forest planting etc). We are continuously updating cultivation models of plantation-grown stand forming tree species, working out growing technology of our mixed stands taking into account specific features of the area, and enlarging cultivar assortment of black locust and native poplars with special emphasis on the utilization of drying and dry sites. We perform long-term experiments on yield, forest growth and partly, selective breeding of plantation-grown species by means of maintaining experimental plot network. We evaluate the scheduled data survey of our experiments and develop growing techniques for energy Ultet2plantations. Based on site investigations, our Department also makes plans for establishing energy plantations and tests their yield. Other current research topics are: improvement of growing technology for black locust stands of copice origin; application of biotechnology in the improvement of propagation of black locust and native poplars; phenological, morphological and growth tests of black locust and native poplars clones propagated by tissue culture method on sandy sites. Research in cooperation with Italy (CNR-IBAF, Porano): genetics, breeding and utilization of black locust. Research in cooperation with China (Beijing Forestry University): application of biotechnology in the improvement of propagation of black locust and native poplars. Research in cooperation with Ultet3Serbia (FRI, ILFE, Novi Sad): improvement of growing technology for plantation forestry. Other activities: providing consulting service (planning and development) especially for private forest owners; providing  presentations on the utilization of recycled dendromass and on the growing techniqes of energy plantations; taking part in higher education: operating the Department of Silviculture of the Center of Agronomical Sciences of the University of Debrecen placed at Püspökladány Experimental Station; regular publication of our knowledge in order that those interested and professionals might learn and put it into practice.