Regular publication of current research is very important for our institute. Our publications are Knyv1very popular among scientists as well as among practitioners since the authors bear in mind both scientific and practical aspects. We publish three series and several manuals. Forest Research: Proceedings of the Forest Research Institute is the continuation of Forest Investigations that was launched in 1899. It includes reports on our activities covering the period of 1-2 years. It also reflects the history of the institute. The tables of contents will show the hottest themes of reserach in each period. Milestones of forestry are demonstrated by the work and mission of the greatest researchers. Readers can follow up changes at the Institute from the establishment of new departments and from the extention of foreign relations. The Publications of Forest Research Institute was started in 1995 Knyv2at the initiative of Dr. Ernő Führer, the Director General of the Institute at that time. The first volume includes  presentations in the meeting that was organized on the occasion 70 years anniversary of the Püspöokladány Experimental Station. There are similar volumes of the series, for example the 9th one, which is reporting on the 20th International Meeting of Poplar Commission held in Hungary. You will also find manuals, such as volume 5 on black locust growing written and edited by Dr. Károly Rédei. Volume 7 recalls the history of the Institute from the establishment at Selmecbanya until 1998. The same year the 10th Volume was published on the occasion of 100 years anniversary of the institute and contains the short biographies of the colleagues that were awarded for their high level work. Although not a part of the series, but due Knyv3to the overlapping content, a two-volume collection of biographies, “The researchers of FRI”, can be considered as a predecessor of volume 10. Ment for internal use, it was published in 1980 at the initiative of the former Director General, Dr. Béla Keresztesi. Our third series is the so-called "Forecast sheets” issued each year. The first editor was Dr. Katalin Leskó, our researcher today retired. In recent years, Dr. Anikó Hirka took over the editing. The latest volume, "The 2009 biotic and abiotic forest damage, and the expectable damages in 2010" can be downloaded from the institute's website in pdf format. We also publish single manuals, the latest one of which is Leafrollers by Csaba Szabóky and Dr. György Csóka. There is a great demand for our publications on the book market. We inform the public about the latest ones in forestry news and media. They can be purchased in all major forestry meetings or those that are in stock can be ordered at the following address: