An arboretum is a botanical collection where visitors can see mainly woody or semi-woody-plants. However, beyond the tourism function, arboretums are in the service of education and research as well as they have a gene preservation funcion, so they can also be the reserve for rare protected plants. Forest Research Institute manages three arboretums in different parts of the country. In some form, all of them are linked to forest research. This explains why, though its main profile is not horticulture, it is the FRI, that manages them. There are Experimental Stations in two of them. The Arboretum of Sárvár and the Kámoni Arboretum is protected areas of national importance. Their conservation manager is the Őrség National Park. The Arboretums of Püspökladány and Sárvár and the Experimental Stations are managed by the same person respectively. The Kámoni Arboretum operates with its own manager.


F o r  f u r t h e r  i n f o r m a t i o n  r e a d  o u r  e x t r a c t s :

Püspökladány - Sárvár - Kámon (Szombathely)