The research staff of the Forest Research Institute regularly publishes results of experiments for professionals and for the public.

These reports are in Hungarian or in a foreign language, separate or joint works, or a number of variations depending on their content. In addition to books, book chapters, reviews in professional, scientific or other types of journals, because of the diversity of the expertise, conference resumé and studies, posters, educational brochures, or various types of scientific literature have been published. These ones are listed by the years of publication. You will find them clicking on the Articles option in the menu.

Click on Books option in the menu to see separate books. Our series will be highlighted by their title: Proceedings of the Forest Research Institute (Erdészeti Kutatások) and Publications of the Forest Research Institute (Az Erdészeti Tudományos Intézet Kiadványai).

Presentations of our researchers will be listed under the Presentations option.