At the present early phase of the market extension for energy plantations, our basic national interests are the production of varieties with high yield that can be safely grown among domestic enviromental conditions, working out modern agrotechnological methods and the development and analyzation of the production system’s profitability. The establishing state of plantations, the safety of their cultivation and their profitability will be determined principally by the selection of appropriate species and varieties suitable for the site. The most important aspects of the choice of varieties are as follows: We can find ones in the current poplar cultivar assortment that are also suitable for energy purposes, that can be safely grown, and capable of high yield.




It is also necessary to produce new varieties for energy purposes where production characteristics in connection with intial spacing and sprouting should also be taken into consideration. The domestic applicability of the varieties produced abroad must be approved, and they should be domesticated first in clone and cultivar selection tests.