GenetMolecular genetic analyses have been carried out in the Laboratory of Genetics of the Sarvar Experimental Station for 10 years. In addition to the isoenzyme tests used at the beginning, the lab supports the most modern PCR-based techniques (microsatellite markers, AFLP, sequencing). Part of the tests is related to breeding as the complement to the traditional field experiments. Among others, our research topics cover rapid laboratory tests in order to identify varieties used in agriculture (e.g. poplar varieties); genetic testing of the impact of silvicultural methods (eg, different levels of thinning) on the genetic background and pattern of a stand; measuring the proportion of foreign pollen in a seed orchard during progeny tests. The other field of research includes mapping the genetic pattern and the diversity of our forests (mainly those of indigenous species) in order to preserve genetic resources; monitoring the impact of different biotopes on the genetic pattern of oak and beech stands; detailed analysis of genetic and taxonomic patterns of a mixed oak stand; mapping natural domestic white poplar, gray poplar and aspen stands and comparison of their genetic patterns; mapping native black poplar specimens and detection of their hybrids formed with eastern cottonwood and with poplars (in cooperation with KEFAG Co.); mapping and analysis of genetic patterns of mixed tree species (maple species, wild fruits). The lab work with one assistant (Andrea Rumi) is currently coordinated by two researchers (Klára Cseke, Andrea Lovász).